Fall toppers

I'm having a hat moment which is a problem because I have an extra large head. To the naked eye my head seems normal. Definitely proportionate to the rest of my body. However, the moment I try to don my dome with a chic fedora or wide brim straw hat disappointment sets in. Women's hats just don't fit my head. I always head to the men's department or default to a cute baseball cap. But I will not give up. There must be a milliner out there designing with us big headed women in mind. Right??? In the meantime I have my eyes set on these beauties. I'm itching to take the plunge and order one or two in the largest size possible to test my luck. 


Images from: 

  1. Janessa Leone Henningsen
  2. Janessa Leone Michelle
  3. Catarzi Wide Brim Fedora Hat
  4. ASOS Straw Fedora
  5. Janessa Leone Panton Panama (SOLD OUT)
  6. Hat Attack Kat Round Crown