I'm listening

Serial put podcasts back on the map. I resisted the urge for as long as I could. With every turn someone else was talking about the series. Finally after being subjected to daily discussions from two co-workers I grabbed my headphones out of my drawer and dove in head first. I was instantly smitten. Over the course of a week I binged listened as much as I could at work and every evening during my commute home.  I was hooked!

I was already a fan of talk radio making me easy prey. On Saturday's I would do a happy dance whenever I found myself in the car at the start of the 11:00 hour which signaled the beginning of NPR's "Wait, wait. . . don't tell me". With podcasts I no longer have to wait until a specific time of day. I simply subscribe and gain instant access whenever I want. My list of favs include the following:

  1. Wait, Wait. . . don't tell me: Current events, panel style, laced with comedy as the panelist answer questions about the past week in news. I attended a taping recently and the show is even better live.
  2. Aferbuzz TV: It's like calling your besties and discussing the show you just watched. Recaps of the latest episode of some of your favorite shows. I'm currently obsessed with all things Power. Sad that the season just ended and I have to wait until 2016. Ghost I love you!
  3. The Brilliant Idiots: I have a new found respect for Charlamagne Tha God. The show's title is a very accurate description. Rated R for language and some subject matter but really listen to what is being said.
  4. WTF with Marc Maron: He interviewed President Obama and it was epic. 
  5. Bevy Says: She has some great guests and great topics. All about empowering women. I'm energized after every episode.
  6. Mystery Show: The third series from Gimlet Media (more on them later). The host solves a new mystery every week. Not the cloak and dagger kind yet I'm still on the edge of my seat.
  7. Reply All: The second series from Gimlet Media (I promise I'm getting to them). I agree with the description: a show about the internet. But the interesting parts. Not the stuffy, technical, how-does-it work stuff.
  8. StoryCorps: Short recordings of people who are sharing snippets of their lives.
  9. The Loh Down on Science: For science geeks and people like me who sometimes just wants the headlines. Sandra Loh provides fun, educational,  2 minutes long science classes.
  10. The Loh Life: Sandra again. This time it's her life in 2 minutes or less.
  11.  Pop Culture Happy Hour: A panel discussion on the latest in pop culture. It really is a happy hour.
  12. Fresh Air: In my opinion this is a more serious version of #11. 
  13. Another Round: Love, love, LOVE the hosts of this show. This is a BuzzFeed production and Heben and Tracy (the hosts) are literally drinking during the show which leads to some hilarious and thought provoking discussions. I really want to share my thoughts on squirrels with them.
  14. StartUp: Finally I get to the story of Gimlet Media. StartUp was the first podcast I listened to after I finished Serial. The first season documented the journey to launching Gimlet Media, a start up dedicated to producing podcasts (hence #6 and #7). The second season just wrapped which followed another company going thru their start up phase. 

I'm always on the look out for new shows so I'd love to receive recommendations.