Walking tall

This week I started walking. Forest Gump style in that I literally just stood up without plan and went outside and walked for 6 miles but not really like F.G. in that I came back home much quicker than he did. But I digress. On Monday I felt the need to get up and move beyond my normal activities. I have not been to the gym in about a month and my body was craving active, purposeful cardio and not just power walking thru the grocery store or running up and down the steps multiple times on laundry day. I needed to engage my muscles and get my heart pumping for at least 30 minutes. The thought of hitting the gym depressed me because I didn’t feel like doing that hamster wheel run on the treadmill. So I looked out the window, grabbed my keys, phone, ID, water bottle and my armband and out the door I went. I returned sweaty, sore, hungry and ready to do it again the next day.

So I did . . . And it was just as great. On Tuesday I only logged just over 4 miles but the walk was just as invigorating and mind clearing. A few minutes in I realized that I look down a lot when I’m walking, something I had not noticed the day before. My eyes dart side to side and slightly in front of me scanning for danger. Basically trying to self-fulfill my fears. Fear of stumbling on uneven pavement and falling (been there), fear of stepping in sh*t, fear of making eye contact with some random.  To be honest, valid, yet absurd, reasoning. Always up for a challenge I said to myself let’s see how long I can go without looking down. Do one thing a day that scares you right? Let me tell you it was uncomfortable at first but I immediately noticed a shift. I had to walk with confidence, sure in my footing. Yes I still checked for cracks and poop but I took the long view. Meaning I scanned several yards ahead of me versus just a couple of steps. My stride was different, my posture was different, my perspective changed. I felt extremely present and PEACEFUL. In that little walk I learned to stop focusing so much on this view

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and instead focus on this one

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