International Women's Day

Today we celebrate women. Not because they are mother's or teachers or nurturers or elders but because they are also creators, doers, thinkers, inventors, magical beings, leaders, equals. Basically all around bad asses! 

The past is female, the future is female, the present is female. When have we not moved mountains and acted as the giants upon whose shoulders the world stands? On this day I celebrate and honor the amazing women and women-in training in my life. From my grandmother who is the sun to my family's earth, to my 5 amazing aunts who have had a hand in raising all 10 of us grandchildren, to my mother whose strength and kind heart never ceases to amaze me, my 3 sisters who are my life lines, my daughter that makes life worth living and the reason why complacent is no longer an option, my cousins, nieces, friends, and other members of my tribe that complete me. Together we are a formidable force. Individually our light will blind you.

Shout out the women in your life that have made a difference. Contact them and let them know how you feel.