Dear Mid-year performance review

You were a path to self-discovery

I recently participated in my company’s mid-year performance review cycle. Those of you working for the man in a typical 9-to-5 know the drill. This is the time of year where you are supposed to reflect on where you are at this mid-way point against the goals and objectives set at the beginning of the year. What’s working, what’s not, and how you are going to attack the rest of year.  I’m happy to report that overall my mid-year went well. Hard work = positive results. . . well to keep it real that’s not always the net outcome but in this case it was. EXCEPT I received some feedback that pushed me through a range of emotions. I was told that I lacked follow-thru. Marinate on that for a moment why don’t you. I know I did!

At first I was confused, then pissed, then defensive and finally I took time to reflect. And you know what? Boss Lady was right. I do lack follow-thru. . . selectively that is. For the projects I’m passionate about step back and watch me work my magic. But if I’m not meh! Not a good look for me. Let me explain.

I’m very contradictory. On the one hand I’m an ideas person. I literally carry around a notebook to jot them down. My Evernote account is filled with tons of thinking notes. However once I put the idea out there I expect magic to happen and for this idea to blossom and come to fruition on its own.  I can see the big picture but can’t piece together the roadmap. BUT I can tell you what to do or not to do. Crazy right? Now on the other hand I’m very tactical. It’s my strong suit. You give me a task and there is a never a doubt that I will execute it flawlessly. That ish is real cray right?? To further illustrate what I mean. I can say you know what would be good to have on Friday? Chocolate cake. But come Friday most likely we will not have chocolate cake. Now if you tell me that on Friday we need to have Chocolate cake . Guess what? Come Friday we will have chocolate cake. Whether I bought it at the store, whipped it up from scratch myself or delegated to someone else to get the job done there will be cake. What the hell is that about?? I dunno but acknowledgement is the first step to recovery.