Live into the answers: A Q and A series

It's time for another installment. I posed the last question on my personal FB page and I received an assortment of answers from my friends:

  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Para-sailing in Cancun
  • Narrowly missing stepping on a sea urchin
  • Almost being mauled by a bear 
Clearly my friends have issues and need therapy. Being 25 feet away from a bear does not count as a near mauling. But the fact is that people answered and seemed to like this series so I'll keep going. 

Today's question:
What do you want from life?
Mrs. Jones: Thinking long and hard I have to say that what I want is pretty basic. True happiness. To raise amazing human beings. To experience the good and learn from the bad. To remain on a forward moving path versus being stuck in the past. To explore, explore, explore! To learn. To teach. To make a positive impact somewhere somehow. 

What say you?

All questions is the Live Into the Answers series is from the book: Ever Wonder: Ask question and live into the answers. By Kobi Yamada

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Mrs. Jones