Live into the answers: A Q and A series

Years ago I purchased a book from Urban Outfitters. Ever Wonder: Ask question and live into the answers. By Kobi Yamada. I'm drawn to those last four words "live into the answers". Really think about the meaning there. 

I rediscovered this book while cleaning and I thought it would be fun to pose the questions here on the blog. I'll provide my answers, the answers from family and friends and hopefully spur an open, honest dialogue from you. Here we go. . . 

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
Mrs. Jones: This was a difficult question to answer. I polled Mr. Jones and he said: “Last year when we went to the Dominican Republic.” To which I responded well to me the question implies that the “something” has subsequently been experienced multiple times. Hence the first time. We have not returned to the Dominican Republic since that anniversary trip so I don’t think it applies. This of course caused him to say he did not understand and for me to get frustrated.  Oy! After 10 minutes he explained that he interpreted the question as doing something new not just for the first time. Clarity! In that case the last time I did something new was also in the Dominican Republic on our 10 year anniversary trip. I went zip lining! This was monumental not only because I was excited and pumped but also super scared and anxious. So I faced my fear and just jumped feet first. What an exhilarating experience. I did not want it to end.  I hope to do it again so that one day I can truly say “the first time I. . . “

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