Voice mail funnies

So my company has this new voice mail system. It's pretty cool in that voice mail is synced with email so that an email message will appear every time a call comes in and goes unanswered. The message will list the date and time of the call along with the callers phone number. Think caller ID for your email. Talk about being connected and not having any excuse for missing or not knowing about a call!!

But the really cool part is that if the caller leaves a message this system will transcribe that message for you. The hilarious part of that is that the message is never correctly transcribed. I mean NEVER ever. The cause of many cube life giggles. Some days I purposely don't answer my phone just so I "read" the messages later and laugh with my coworkers. It really is the little things in life I tell ya. Below are three messages that Mr. Jones left for me.