Dear Perspective

The thing about you, Perspective, is that you really sock a person in the gut. And always when we need it most. AND you make a person feel both pretty dumb and pretty darn great at the same time! Let me share my story:

Yesterday I went out for lunch to run a few errands and low and behold it was a struggle to start my car. As in I had to really lay into that key turn to get the car to start. “ruh roh!” Something’s not right. Perhaps just a fluke I think and proceed on. I make my stop at Target and repeat the previously mentioned scenario once back in my car only this time add the bright red, not to be missed “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light. FML! I get back to my office and promptly phone Mr. Jones. He advises me to check my gas cap and make sure it’s on tight. I cross reference his advice with the car owners manual and they match up so I do. As suspected nice and tight. So not the issue. Fast forward to this morning and I’m at the mechanics shop bright and early at 7:30 AM. I explain my situation and cringe as he tries to start my buggy and it makes that choke, cough, gasp, start sound I’m now used to. After some checks and procedures he diagnoses my baby with a case of a misfiring code that tells my engine to start. If this code crashes my car will not start. Period. $325. . . AND he goes on to say that my starter is failing. It can sizzle and collapse and yeah then my car will not start. Period. $300. . . AND gasket, yada yada, tune-up yada yada, leaking blah blah, whomp whomp. . . $Another $600. Umm?? So $1,200 in total huh? The car is not even worth that much! FML again! I call my husband to join me after he takes the kids to school. He shows up, rehashes the situation with Ray, my mechanic, and we all decide on fixing the first two problems. The ones that will only cost me $625. The Mister and I leave to pick up a rental for me. I immediately burst into tears. Just upset that I’m once again coming out of pocket for this car. Upset that as soon as I’m on a nice path to savings an unexpected expense blows my way. And yes I know that’s what savings is for. But I like to hoard my money for long stretches of time. And my savings is pitiful at the moment. My problem yes I know! Mr. Jones hugs me and consoles me. Saying all the right words in all the proper soothing tones. Off to work I go.

I’m sitting at my desk when BAM! it hits me that I completely forgot to pack the supplies Lady Jones needed for an art project in school today. Today was the day each student would decorate their class journals with whatever personal items they wanted to bring in. And I completely forgot to pack the bag even after she and I discussed it over dinner last night. Cue the tears again. Again I call Mr. Jones who at first was like “damn!” and I could hear him mentally trying to decide if he could make it back home, then over to school, then back to whatever job site he was on. At this point it’s almost 11AM and I say “I’m sure either the teachers had supplies or one of her friends shared with her”. I can only hope! Mother of the year over here  I tell ya.

So I’m feeling lower than low. A work project is bugging me. My car is costing me money I’d rather allocate to our pending family vacation (or my trip to vegas in December with my sisters. Shhh! Forget what I said about my savings being pitiful!). I grab some grocery store sushi for lunch and head back to my desk when I get an email from a coworker informing me that an ex-employee passed away on Sunday. Young man. Young wife. Young baby at home. After a very, very, very brief bout with cancer. Well damn! Tears again as I read the email three times. Then checked his facebook page and saw the image of him clearly physically changed from the effects of his treatments smiling in a family photo. His hair was gone. His skin pale but that bright smile I remembered was still there. My body went cold and my balloon of funk quickly dissipated. Replaced by sadness for this individual and gratitude for my life.

No sparkly stickers for Lady Jones? F-It! Gotta come out of pocket AGAIN for this car? Who cares! None of it. NONE OF IT compares to dying or losing your husband suddenly to a horrible disease.

Thank you perspective.


Mrs. Jones