Nouveau Heritage

Nouveau Heritage. . . 

What lessons do you want your children to learn? What traditions are you creating and passing down? How do you want to be remembered as a parent? As a family? 

It's time to establish or re-establish your heritage. I firmly believe that somewhere along the way the generational gap widened so much that traditions were lost. Or at the very least lost their meaning. And this is despite helicopter parenting, In our efforts to set the foundation for academic excellence, to raise worldly and culturally aware individuals I think we lost sight of some basics. Authentic Sunday supper around the dinner table. Not staged events. Proper thank you notes. Misspellings and all. Skinned knees and that fresh outdoorsy scent from spending actual time outside playing with friends. Intimate birthday traditions that will translate through the years. Like a favorite cake recipe or the process of wrapping gifts. The details of life that make sense to you and yours. I like to call it Nouveau Heritage. The rules have changed though the game is still the same. Since the beginning of time humans have worked to create a life worth living. I want my children to carry some of that worth into the lives they create for themselves. I'm up against busy schedules, modern grandparents (seriously do they ever sit still, where do they find the energy, some are younger and still working full-time), iThis and androidThat. But I'm determine to hit the reset button. To redefine my families traditions. 

Who's with me?

Mrs. Jones