Runners injury or a life lesson?

You know that moment when you trip and you realize that you can't get your feet back under you and then you find yourself in a full on, all out, arms and legs outstretched, skidding to a stop fall? Oh you haven't had one of those moments since you were a kid? Well yeah I was in that moment and let me tell you, it should be against the laws of nature for a 37 year old to fall in such a manner. Hell to fall at all.

I was two songs into my morning run on Sunday. I had just rounded a corner and was minding my own business when out of the blue I hit the ground hard. Damn you uneven sidewalks for taking advantage of me not paying attention!!! I think I even yelled out "OUCH" before the pavement met my body. It was ugly. To add insult to injury I slid! SLID! Slid to a stop. To add injury to insult I was even more aghast when I realized that I was injured. I mean debris filled, skin hanging, scrapped and bleeding injured. Of course the entire ordeal lasted oh 3.5 seconds but the damage! UGH!

iPhone cover damage

I picked myself up and rounded the next corner towards home. Run over. Pandora off. Earplugs now wrapped around my phone. I was done. I walked about two blocks before I snapped out of it. Yes my left knee hurt and because I had on capri leggings I could not survey the damage. Yes my right hand had a chunk of flesh missing and was bleeding. Yes my shoulder and elbow hurt (and later in the evening I would see that a red bruise had formed). But in that moment I decided to view that fall as a metaphor for life. Ish happens! One minute your cruising along and the next BAM! Was I going to punk out and whine like a baby over a minor set back? Lack follow-thru? Or was I going to brush myself off and keep it moving. Run thru the pain. Overcome!

The decision was obvious. By the time I hit the third block I started running again. AWAY from home.  And you know what? I tacked an additional mile on to my run. Take that bloody knee! Ok well it was more like a run/walk situation. I would run for several blocks and then walk for two. I was after-all a bit banged up. By the time I made it home and limped up to my front door I felt good. Accomplished. Ready to soak in a tub and tend to my wounds. I have a new found respect for my kids. Skinned knees are not for the weak! Damn it hurts! For those that are interested you can survey the damage after the jump.

But I'm glad I kept going. Turned the ordeal into a life lesson. Or perhaps it was not that deep. Maybe I just bust my ass and should just call it that. But as I've said before it's all in how you look at it my friend.

Mrs. Jones