The Art Fiend: Live Out Loud

What happens to a dream deferred? May my husband never find out. I'm proud to say that after years of coaxing and prodding. Starting and stopping. Bravado and anxiety. Rough drafts and final edits. Mr. Jones has FINALLY launched a site to promote his work. He's an artist you see and he's sensitive about his ish!

I could not be prouder of this man. This is a major, major accomplishment for him. The art of creating has always been an escape for Mr. Jones. He can literally sit for hours on end sketching and doodling or carefully filling a canvas with the most detailed and strategically placed lines. You would have to see his work up close to understand what I'm talking about. And this is all done by hand. Ink and paper. Pencil and paper. Marker and paper. And most recently he graduated to experimenting with paint. I'm a sucker for a creative soul. I'm in awe of the creative process. Hopefully you will be kind and send the Mister some love.

Check him out at! Lady Waiting and Just Dance are framed and displayed in my house. Secure a copy for yourself. My other personal favorite is Live Out Loud.

And all images have been copyrighted so don't sleep! 

Mrs. Art Fiend