Throw back Thursdays

Are you participating in #tbt or throw back Thursdays on Instagram? It's fun to see folks dig way down in the crates and bust out old pre-digital era photos of themselves. Cracks me up every time. While these images are not throw backs per se they do incorporate my favorite throw back slang term. DOPE! I'm proud to say that I'm 37. Which yes is pre-historic in Lifestyle blogger land. But puts into perspective why for me Dope is a retro word. Takes me back to my Brooklyn days growing up. This is pre-HIPSTER Brooklyn days. Think more like Spike Lees Crooklyn version of Brooklyn. And then into college. . . and now. . . and truth be told I never let go of the usage of the word dope. If something was dope - a song, movie, book, bag, pair of shoes I was quick to point out said objects 'dope' factor. Hmm clearly by not letting go and refusing to catch up with the times I somehow put myself ahead of the trendy curve. Yes? No? It's all in how you look at it my friend. Either way this round-up of Pinterest images is to me strictly. . .

All images from Pinterest


Mrs. Jones