Hurricane Sandy

Sandy showed up and showed out. She left a long line of devastation and despair in her wake. The most reported of which is how hard New Jersey and my hometown of New York were hit. Talk about knocking the wind out of your sails. Thankfully my family fared well. My parents, In-laws, and family in Brooklyn made it through the storm without ever losing power or sustaining any property damage. My aunt and cousin who live in lower Manhattan somehow made it to my parents in Brooklyn for a few days until their power was restored on Friday. That's the good news.

The bad news of course is how my fellow NYers are now coping without basic necessities such as food and water. Heat and shelter. Peace of mind and security. How they are dealing with the aftermath that consists of clean-up, rebuilding and tackling that daunting task of where do you even start after such a tragedy.

I'm loving all these roll-up your sleeves and just pitch in stories I'm reading across the blogisphere. Two from two of my favorite NYC bloggers - Sharon of NYC Taught Me and and Jenna of Sweet Fine DayMajor kudos to Jenna for providing links to grass-roots organization that are on the streets taking care of local needs now.

Mr. Jones has plans to travel home this coming weekend and we will both be there for Thanksgiving. I’m planning on doing my part and volunteering Thanksgiving morning as these recovery efforts will be long and hard and what better way to show thanks than helping out in the borough that made me me!

The concrete jungle was built on perseverance. We will once again come out stronger and better. 

My BIL posted this pic on his FB page. It shows one of the more manageable gas lines that have now become the norm.