Dear Natural Hair

Together we will teach Lady Jones to love her coils and curls. Now I can't say that my girly girl hates her hair texture.  That would be an unfair and inaccurate statement. Lady Jones will proudly shake her mane and strut her stuff after getting a fresh braided or two-strand twist style. Add some beads or a headband and forget about it. You can't tell her nothing! On the other hand she is fascinated with the concept of "flat" AKA straighten hair. She also believes that if only I would take her a professional wash and blow out then her hair will hang way down her back and over her shoulders like some of her friends and classmates. Sigh. . . oh baby here we go. 

I'm team natural. Now I used to be team creamy crack AKA perm dependent. I'm not even sure how old I was the first time I got a perm. Middle school age but not sure when exactly. And the perm was good to me. I maintained a healthy and growing head of hair for many, many years. Achieving that flat down my back and over my shoulders look my baby girl is drawn to. Then 13 years ago I went natural. However I relapsed maybe a year later and returned to perming. Fast forward to the birth of Lady Jones. Instead of the post preggo breakage my hair thrived! However having a girl made me more conscious of me as a woman, a female and the impression I would be making on her. From my style of dress to the tone of voice I use and the words I use with her to what I do to my hair. I started thinking about transitioning again. Fast forward (again) to the birth of Sir Lil Jones. My postpartum hair was a hot mess. Dry, breaking, nothing was working. I struggled along for two years in this state before I decided to transition and I'm so happy I did. I'm 3 years perm free and I love it. And I try to rock the biggest, baddest, curliest styles I can so that my little girl associates beauty with the attributes she was born with versus chemically manipulating her locks. Straight looks are cool and I do blow my hair out from time to time to rock stretched styles. My goal it teach Lady Jones that natural hair means options and that she can set trends among her friends with her curly looks versus trying to fit into their straight ones. 

One day when she is older she may make the decision to perm her hair and it would be hypocritical of me to discourage her. Hair and style are both so personal. I just hope that if that time ever comes her decision will be based on a desire to try something new and not because of self-esteem issues. 

Lady Jones' current braided, beaded and banded style. 

Mrs. Jones