Dear Life style: wear that edition

I work for a major publisher within the tech field in a geographic area not exactly known for fashion. I mean the techies here are not your stereotypical hipsters rocking the latest and greatest but instead the techies of yesteryear who wear t-shirts, cargo shorts, knee socks and sandals/loafers/sneakers. I kid you not. Good people but fashion mavens they are not. Which is why any nod to fashion, and to be fair we do have our fair share, stands out and is quickly noticed.

With that said this is my ode to cube life fashion. The other day my co-worker rocked a green and white striped long-sleeve polo, with a cream pleated satin mini, electric blue mary-janes, a messy top-knot and geek chic glasses. She killed it!

I can’t recreate her outfit instead this is my contribution to her jam (old school hip-hop flash back) or better yet this would be my rendition of her style. Beat bitter! 

Joe Fresh silk tank, Tibi Eniko faux leather skirt, Zara heels