I believe in the power of love.  And the power of good news. And the power of chubby baby cheeks. And a laundry list of feel good moments, things, and people.
This week I believe in the power of starting over. Of letting go and letting God. Yes I believe in a higher power.

This story, which has been all over the interwebs these last few weeks, is new to me as of last week thanks to six degrees of separation. Facebook tells me that the bride and I have 2 mutual friends, my girl Li and one of the kindest souls I know Tracy! It was Li who posted this and almost had me bawling at my desk in the middle of the day. This is the love story of Jordan Rice and Jessica Moreland-Rice.

In sharing the back story with Mr. Jones over the weekend he said that he was always so scared when I had to go to the ER or to a doctor’s visit due to my heart (more on that one day in the future).  I knew he was concerned but I never knew how much it scared him until this past weekend when he his eyes became watery while he was telling me.  I love me some him!