First day of school

The kids went back to school yesterday. Sir Lil Jones started Kindergarten (milestone!) and Lady Jones is in the 4th grade. The summer went by way too fast and my babies are growing up with each blink of my eyes. I’m not sure how to keep up or hold on. Before long I’ll have to let go completely and watch them soar. For now I’ll cherish every moment. Like Sir Lil Jones confessing to his teachers that he was nervous the night before. What a sweetie! Lady Jones was just happy to see some of the friends she didn't get to see over summer break. I’m on vacation this week. Organizing, relaxing and just having some me time as I recharge before we begin our school, work, homework, activity fall/winter schedule. Fresh starts all around!

How cool is it that at my children’s school the first day starts off with a celebration?!?! The entire school parades around the neighborhood cheering and carrying balloons. It’s a great way to get the students excited for the new school year.