I'm that girl now what?

Random thoughts as I take selfies of my OOTD

Two years ago I wrote this post. It was a food for the soul piece and I stand behind every word of it. I had to preface this post by saying that because even though I firmly believe we are all THAT GIRL in our own unique ways compliments are pressure filled. . . .

It’s just me isn't it? I’m the only one that feels that compliments lead to severe stress? Okay, okay maybe severe is a bit extreme but expectations can be hard to manage. One should not have to manage another’s expectations of you but we’re human here so cut me some slack. At 38 I should not feel this way but I have not learned how to take a compliment well. I view this new post as the other side of the That Girl coin. The side that says "Well damn Mrs. Jones my co-worker just complimented me on my shoes today. Does that mean I need to rock a fierce pair of shoes every day now?" Or "Mrs. Johnson just complimented me on how well behaved the kiddies are what will I do once the melt downs start pre-lunch time and hunger sets in". You understand where I'm going? Compliments are nice and we need to own them but sometimes they lead to pressure. On the up side one can rise to that challenge. To put it into some context the more readers that comment and visit your site the more content you publish especially in the areas of most interest. Your storytelling gets better. You refine your voice. On the downside what if there are days when you have nothing to say? Your life is mundane? The outfits (for you fashionista’s) just don’t seem right. There is that pressure to constantly deliver on that status. I’m going to figure this out. I don’t have an answer right but I will have a solution soon.