Clothing swap party

My friends and I have decided to get together to do a clothing swap party. As my buddy M stated in her message “some of us are complaining our closets are too full and others are complaining our closets are too bare”. A swap party seems like the ideal solution. Now I’ve been to a “shop my closet” party where my most stylish and self-confessed shopaholic friend hosted an afternoon of cocktails and invited guest to literally shop an edited version of her closet. Everything from gently worn to new with tags were up for grabs. I scored two never worn with tags dresses for less than $100. Retail price? Well over $300. Thanks again Nik! I’ve also attended a “shop the brand” party where my friend Cha hosted 4 designers for an evening of shopping their brands. The vendors included two handbag designers, a clothing designer, and a jewelry designer. This will be my first clothing swap. So far 7 ladies have committed. Now I’m not an expert but in order for the evening to be a success there needs to be some ground rules:
  1. There should be something for everyone invited. Make sure that styles and tastes  are comparable and admired to ensure that your guest can all participate. If you are a group of plaid only lovers then that one devoted strip lover will not unload nor stock up at this event. No one should leave the event feeling like there was nothing for them.
  2.  Don’t show up empty handed! Swap parties are about give and take. You must donate in order to participate. (Rhymes are free ya’ll!). Also don't bring one item and try to leave with 10. Greedy is not cute!
  3. Quality over quantity. Edit your goods before you arrive. Carefully consider what you want to donate. Gently worn not old and ratty. If you don't where it because it's worn or torn don't try to pass it off to someone else. Which leads me to . . . 
  4. While you may not want to part with your most classic or current pieces definitely make sure the items that do make the cut are timely and versatile. Not dated and stale
That's all I have for now. I'll keep you posted on the end result. I'm off to raid my closet and finally part with those items that I like but never wear. Some other lady will surely benefit. 

I helped my sister clean out her closet. These are the 22 pairs that made the cut. There were more. Many, many more!

Love, Mrs. Jones

P.S. How genius is this business model?