Wear that: School picture edition

This year Lady Jones and Sir Little Jones' school decided to change up the school portraits. Instead of hiring one of those standard, mass producing studios to come in and take cookie cutter pics the administration instead hired a parent who is also a photographer. Bev runs

Satsun Photography

. I love how crisp and clean her images are and most importantly I love how she captures the essence of her subjects. Just check out the eyes of the individuals in every picture she has posted. What also made me happy is that in addition to the class photo and individual student photo she also offered the option of doing sibling sessions. This is great for those parents like me that have more than one child at the same school. This is an opportunity to sneak in a mini family session. Bonus! Signed up Lady and Sir Little Jones' for that immediately.

Now while this was a blessing I also started to curse it because pics for the lower school (PK-3rd) were being taken on a Tuesday while the upper school (4-6) were happening the next day. And you guessed it my kiddies are split. UGH! Lady Jones is older so I could trust her stay camera ready two days in a row. Sir Little Jones is only 5 and a boy so no chance that would happen with him. Therefore I scheduled the sibling session for day 1. Problem one solved. My second issue was that I would need to coordinate outfits for day 1 AND pick an outfit for day 2 for the little miss. I set three criteria for myself. 1. I needed to re-purpose existing items from their closets. No buying a special outfit just for picture day as I typically do. 2. Because I was not buying new clothes that meant I would not fall victim to matchy matchy  but I did want complimentary. I have long been inspired by this


from Gabrielle of Design Mom. I loved how she styled her family for this shoot. Not matchy but definitely coordinated. And I was especially drawn to her use of color and pattern. I zeroed in on the blue and green and went from there. 3. I wanted a laid back casual vibe but still cute and fun. I made sure Lady Jones was glam and girly for her solo pics the next day - tights, skirt, hearts, glitter. The works!

Here is the end result:

Sir Little Jones: top is the Nordstrom line for kids. I scored this on sale for $12.99 at Nordstrom Rack. The pants are Gap Kids chinos currently on sale for $17.99.

Lady Jones: top shown is similar to the one she wore. This one is from Old Navy but her version is from Target. Same with the pants. These are Old Navy but she wore a pair from Cherokee. I added a fun pink polka dot head band to infuse some additional color and keep the style uniquely her.